Anfopop is a comic book and video game influenced apparel company based out of San Diego, California. We are a community of fans and attendees of comic book and video game conventions. Our culture is composed of people who dare to dream big. People who dress up as their favorite Star Wars or Super Mario character to be fully immersed in a world that's larger than themselves. People who would wait in line for days just to get a glimpse of their favorite Avengers star at a panel. To be able to feel comfortable and share this with people who are just as passionate as we are, is a real feeling of acceptance. So with our apparel, we wanted to create our own story through tones of skateboarding and street art style. With our designs, we want to capture the essence of the many different genres within a convention. Join the Con-Crew and get started now!

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Anfopop’s mission is to build a community of comic book and video game lovers. The Con-Crew “Convention Crew” is our rebellious spirit and presence at the different comic book and video game conventions we attend. We will give members live updates on the various conventions we attend. We will also have our own line of custom designed apparel. Members of the Con-Crew will receive early access to certain products, as well as access to products only sold to members. We will also be showing our support to comic book stores and arcades around the US. Members will also have chances to win free giveaways. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date. 

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